Grappa Marozia da vinacce di Brunello


Harmonious, pleasant, typically heady. The palate is forthright and poised, opening a sensory profile of complex nuances with a long, virile finish.
Refined and velvety, this grappa expresses the finesse of the Beatesca label, and the typical character of a great Brunello is unmistakable.

Perfect for grappa connoisseurs and as a gift for special occasions.

The fresh pomace was processed at the Capovilla Distillery, Rosà, Vicenza.


Sensory Analysis: the olfactory notes are harmonious with typical characteristics of the “ great” Brunello wines. On the palate it has a decisive and direct impact, it opens up with variegated and complex shades and concludes with a long and masculine finish.

Alcohol content 44% Vol.

Processing of the great marc was completed by the Capovilla Distillery, Rosà – Vicenza.

The bottles are sold without gift boxes.

Data sheet

Total Alcoholic strength by volume

Grappa Marozia da vinacce...